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Roofs are vital to protecting your home from the elements. The elements oftentimes fight back, with rain and wind ripping up shingles on your roof and leading to leaks in your ceiling. Age also plays a big factor in metal roofing. Shingle roofs only last around 20 years. Both take beatings from the sun, loosing color and durability over time thanks to the sun’s powerful UV rays. Replacing your roof with a metal roof can solve both the weather damage and sun issue! Metal roofs last 50 years and withstand all weather types including fire. Since they are metallic, they reflect sunlight, which will actually cool your home and help lower your energy bills. For metal roofing in Wilmington, NC, call Millennium Home Design at (910) 660-0221 today.

Residential Metal Roofing

Roofs not only protect your home, but help to add character to your house. Even metal roofs can be customized! Options like metal shingles or stone coated steel let you choose different textures and colors to make your roof not look like metal while still getting the protection and durability that metal provides. Millennium Home Design exclusively works with metal roofing systems due to the great benefits they provide compared to other residential roofing types. Metal roofs will last 50 years with minimal maintenance or damage.

Metal Roof Installation

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We are a family owned company and have been offering our roofing services for families in the local area since 1997. If you are having roof issues, call our contractors for repairs! We provide quality repairs and replacements using only the best materials and products like The Green Generation Shingle. Customer service is important to us, and it shows. We have won multiple awards for our skills in roofing, along with being voted as Readers’ Choice in 2014. Experience these skills and service for yourself when you give us a call at (910) 660-0221 for metal roofing installation in Wilmington, NC.

Metal Roofing

Residential Metal Roofs

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Metal roofs were once primarily used only on commercial buildings, but have seen started to become more popular in the housing market. In fact, many homeowners will get tax and insurance discounts if they have a metal roof because these are proven to be one of the safest and most durable roofing systems available. Because they are so durable, they do have a slightly higher price tag. Compared to the first storm that hits with your new metal roof and there is no damage, you will quickly find that it pays for itself. Shingle roofs are the cheapest roofing system around, but they also have the shortest lifespan due to their flimsy materials made of fiberglass and asphalt. Shingles easily get damaged from rain, wind, snow, and hail. After a storm, shingles will be missing, warped, cracked, bent, leaving your roof vulnerable to holes and leaks. This won’t happen with a metal roof, as the panels leave no room for water to seep through, creating a seamless barrier that lasts for 50 or more years! Residential metal roofing choices include:

Aluminum: This is the only metal roof that won’t rust from salt water or air, making it perfect for those beach homes on the coast of those North Carolina shores.

Stone Coated Steel: Stone coated steel roofs give the appearance of a shingle or stone roof, but has a metal base that provides more durability and protection.

Metal Shingles: Metal shingles can be made to replicate wood shake shingles, asphalt shingles, or slate shingles while still having that secure and strong base.

Standing Seam: Standing seam metal roofs come in snap lock or mechanical versions. Mechanical lock metal roofs are for flat roofs and snap lock is for sloped roofs.

  • Standing Seam Metal Roof Installation Standing seam metal roofs are easily and quickly installed to provide a seamless and enduring roofing system.
  • Aluminum Roofing Aluminum roofs are lightweight yet strong and are the only metal roofs resistant to corrosion.
  • Stone Coated Steel Stone coated steel roofs have a metal base with stone chips on top to give it a shingle appearance for those who don’t like the metallic look.
  • Metal Shingle Metal shingles are available in slate, wood, or asphalt duplicates using our Green Generation Shingle selection.
  • Snap Lock Metal Roof Snap lock metal roofs are easily installed on sloped roofs, as they literally snap into place.
  • Mechanical Lock Metal Roof Mechanical lock metal roofs are a form of standing seam metal roofs made for low sloped roofs like flat roofs.